Welcome to the Bespoke Diaries

I’m a working writer, so money is tight.  Last year, I took a new medication that caused me to pack on over forty pounds.  Although I no longer take it, the weight remains.

None of my clothes fit, and I don’t have the cash to splash out on ready-to-wear, especially after a disastrous Target shopping spree.  Yes, I got five shirts and five bottoms for less than a hundred dollars, but several of the items did not survive their first trip through the washer.

Talk about fast fashion!

Some of the pants did survive, but I discovered that their seams hadn’t been sewed.  They’d been glued.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not trusting ole Elmer’s to keep my behind covered when I’m wandering down the sidewalk, thank you very much.

Over the past decade, I’ve dipped my toe into making my own clothes.  First, with a pair of pjs, then a hand sewn Alabama Chanin tee shirt, later a not-so-great woven skirt from a how-to book and a more successful knit skirt.

I can no longer wear those old favorites, but I’ve gone from cautious to confident in my skills.

My goal today is to craft myself a new wardrobe, using the principles of design and workmanship that I’ve developed over the years.  I want my clothes to be: sturdy, inexpensive, comfortable, and beautiful.

I have a simple Brother sewing machine, a broad collection of thread, a large stash, and a big heart.  I’m going to outline each of my mini-goals and put together some in-progress photo shoots and maybe even a tutorial or two.

In building this new wardrobe, I think it’s important to say a couple things:

1. I adore texture , I have ultra-sensitive skin, and I have a longterm view to money.  I don’t mind spending $12 on half a yard of stretch silk from Mood.com if it means my entire underwear drawer will have bra-straps that are smooth instead of scratchy.  Is $24 per yard ridiculous?  Yes.  Is $2 per bra expensive?  No.

2. I am trying to accept the body I have NOW and creating attractive, well-fitting pieces is a part of that.  I’d rather not discuss weight-loss at this time, pro, con, or otherwise.  Thanks for understanding.


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