Planning my Fall wardrobe: goals, ideas, limitations


Today, I’m planning my brand new Fall wardrobe!

Because of a significant size change, I really only have my summer clothes to draw on, so my Fall wardrobe is truly starting from scratch.  It’s a little scary, but mostly, it’s wonderful.  I get to create what I love, from the ground up!

Goal: Make beautiful and comfortable clothes that celebrate the body I have right now, today, primarily using stash fabrics and patterns.

Ideas: After trying the Capsule Wardrobe idea over the summer, I want to try something a little different this time.  Instead of curating a selection of separates that I mix and match each day, I want to create a week’s worth of pre-determined outfits.  I think this will be easier for my personality–I get nervous about matching separates and since the whole point is to have fun, designing and making clothes that I know look good together in a set outfit will be a little easier.

Limitations: Biggest limitations are time, money, and laundry.

Limit one, Time.  While I adore simple, straightforward patterns, these still take time to make.  Example outfit one: shirt, skirt, panties, bra, that’s four items.  Assuming the shirt, skirt, and panties each take an hour, and the bra takes two, that’s still five hours’ worth of effort, right?  Five hours’ worth of effort, times seven days per week, that’s thirty five hours worth of work!

Limit two, Money.  I want to make my clothes because I want clothes that fit, look beautiful, and last more than two washes.  When I tried to buy my favorite pj pants from Target online, I was shocked to see a lot of bad reviews.  Turns out the pants are now GLUED at the seams instead of being sewn.  A lot of ladies had their pants split at the seam.  YIKES, right?  But at the same time, I can’t afford a $79 pair of yoga pants from Athleta.  When making my own clothes, I want to use quality, pretty fabrics and reliable patterns, but without breaking the bank.  Since my size changed so much, I have to get new EVERYTHING, so I can’t splash out $18 on a pattern and $90 on Liberty Tana Lawn to make a single short-sleeved shirt.  Fortunately, I am a complete master at getting the most out of my fabric cuts, but I still need to be mindful of expenses.  For me, it’s better to spend money on basic foundation patterns (shift dress, tee shirt, pants) that I can modify if needed and solid color fabric in a few color families.

Limit three, Laundry.  Life would be easier if you could wash whites and darks in the same damn load.  Alas, it ain’t so.  I know this sounds barmy, but I want to make sure I don’t make 75% black-navy-dark brown and 15% brights and 10% whites.  I’m going to be doing great if I can make a week’s worth of clothing, and there’s no way I’m hand-washing whites every week, kay?  I’m going to shoot for a reasonable laundry balance.  I also, realistically, accept that at first I may need to do laundry twice a week until I get more clothes made.

That list of limitations and goals basically means:

Seven day’s worth of outfits, plus exercise wear, for fall weather (ranges from 70s to 30s).



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